Quality Management

We recognize location, safety, affordability and quality management as the primary factors for optimal student living and strive to meet this criteria within each property.

Our team consists of highly-talented housing professionals from an array of educational backgrounds and experiences, including parents, students and alumni. Their customized approach reflects an understanding of the unique demands facing students. This has led to many “firsts” in the areas of customer service.

To ensure our homes are cutting edge, HIGHPOINT’s team travels throughout Canada studying products and working with experts of all backgrounds including top architects, designers, renovators etc. As an annual event, we attend the Property Management Exposition at the Toronto Conference Center. Our research there allows us to target today’s collegiate’s specific wants and needs and anticipate future trends in student housing.



Every HIGHPOINT home is situated within a 0.75 km radius of each main campus and the downtown area.

Our tenants are minutes away from school and amenities such as banks, grocery stores, gyms, restaurants and entertainment.



Emergencies are addressed rapidly and efficiently through our repair staff, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We acknowledge maintenance receipts within 24 hours of receipt and follow up with status update reports. Our properties are equipped with reliable and well-maintained appliances. Most properties also include laundry and parking services.


Cost Efficiency

Our homes are priced based on: proximity to the university, recent renovations, amenities and features.

We manage a wide range of properties to suit many different budgets.