Testimonials and Reviews

Living with Highpoint

On behalf of our group I’d like to thank you guys for the wonderful 2 years we spent with Highpoint. Any problems were always dealt with promptly and efficiently, and made our first real experience living away from our homes easy. Cheers!

236 University Ave - Kingston

I want to thank you for your companies hospitality and partnership over this 2015-2016 cycle. Once again I want to thank you for your services.


337-2 Earl St - Kingston


I’d personally like to thank you. Whenever we bring an issue to your attention you have always put it upon yourself to resolve it.  Certainly an admirable quality.  I really do appreciate you help on the matter.

Thanks so much,




317 University Ave Unit 2 - Kingston


I want to mention that the monthly cleaning crew does a great job cleaning our home and is also very friendly and considerate to the tenants.

As well, the maintenance crew did a great job promptly fixing the broken shelf.

Thank you for providing us with great service.


375 Johnson Unit 1

375 Johnson St Unit 1 - Kingston

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve arrived at the house for the weekend alongside my housemate! Place looks great.


317 University Unit 1 - Kingston

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