Professional & Courteous


Ive completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s and am currently completing my PHD. In the last 7 years, Highpoint Management and Development is one of the few property management companies that Ive actually enjoyed living with. When we leased our unit, the director informed us which renovations would be taking place and the deadlines for each step. He far exceeded our expectations and even allowed us to collaborate on some of the decisions. If we’ve ever had problems (being locked out etc), he his team have been available 24 hours a day. Be it though their website’s online forms, email or calling, theyre always around and its very reassuring to know we have help if we need it. I find them professional, courteous and very current for today’s students. I highly recommend them.

Newly Renovated


Me and my housemates signed a lease back in January and Highpoint was to renovate our house over the summer. At first I was worried and skeptical of how it would turn out, but it is amazing so I thought I would write a review! I never thought the house could look so good! Very courteous, kind, and helpful. I highly recommend living with them.

Cleaning Crew


I want to mention that the monthly cleaning crew does a great job cleaning our home and is also very friendly and considerate to the tenants.

As well, let the maintenance crew know, they did a great job fixing the broken shelf.



I’d personally like to thank you. Whenever we bring an issue to your attention you have always put it upon yourself to resolve it. Certainly an admirable quality. I really appreciate your help in the matter.
Thanks so much

Awesome Maintenance Crew!


Over my time living in a Highpoint Property apartment, I have required the help of the maintenance crew a few times. In each case, they promptly responded to my request and resolved the issue at hand. The crew is extremely polite and non intrusive. It’s comforting to know that should anything go wrong, the maintenance crew will be here in a pinch to help. Thank you Highpoint!

Annie Dube

A Great Experience


My sincerest gratitude to Highpoint for all of their help. The care they displayed when I was a tenant really made our building feel like home. I highly recommend their properties!


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